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Patriot Pest Control in Berks County, PA

Patriot Pest Solutions, a fully insured and licensed family owned business, has provided Pest Control solutions to homes and businesses in Berks County, PA for more than two decades. With 24-hour emergency service and a remarkably “green” approach to pest control solutions, Patriot Pest Control is leading their industry in quality service and customer satisfaction.

Pest Control Berks County, PA

The Patriot Pest Solutions proactive Homeowner Protection Plan and Plus program are the choice pest control solutions of Berks County, PA. Both options provide economical pest prevention with scheduled visits and inspections. Truly, in the care of Patriot Pest Control it is entirely possible that you’ll never have to deal with the frustrations of trespassing pests and rodents. The Pest Control experts of Patriot Pest Solutions apply their comprehensive knowledge of pest control to every case. No matter the extent of your pest control problem, Patriot has the solution. Throughout the course of your care, they will offer helpful advice and suggestions, rid your home of existing pests, and design a maintenance program to discourage a re-occurrence of pest trouble.

Exterminators Berks County, PA

Patriot exterminators employ only proven, state-of-the-art materials and techniques and offer the option of one-time service or long term care with a plan tailored to your home and pest problem. Every case begins with a thorough inspection of the property by their Associate Certified Entomologist. Based on the condition of the structure and the lifestyle of the family, the exterminators will recommend certain appropriate measures. Two different pest control options are offered: the Liquid Application and the Baiting Treatment.

The Liquid Application is the conventional pest control approach, involving an injected substance into the surrounding exterior soil and, on occasion, in the house. Baiting Treatment is a bit more laborious because it requires placing stations around the perimeter of the home to be regularly checked for termite activity. Once activity is found, baiting begins.

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